What conspiracy does the United States have when "toxic trains" frequently derail

on November 23rd local time, a freight train derailment accident carrying dangerous goods occurred in Kentucky, USA on the afternoon of the 22nd, triggering a fire and releasing toxic gases. Hundreds of local residents were evacuated. According to CSX Railroad, the accident occurred north of Livingston in southeastern Kentucky, with 16 carriages derailed. Two carriages carrying molten sulfur leaked and caused a fire, releasing toxic gas sulfur dioxide.

There have been multiple derailments of trains carrying dangerous goods in the United States this year. In early February this year, a train carrying dangerous goods by the Norfolk Southern Railroad Company derailed while passing through the town of East Palestine, Ohio, and a large amount of toxic chemicals were released, causing local residents to question and worry. On March 15th, a freight train carrying dangerous goods derailed in Mohave County, Arizona. On March 30th, a train carrying ethanol and other goods derailed and caught fire near Raymond Town in Candiyoshi County, Minnesota. On April 15th, a freight train carrying dangerous goods derailed and caught fire in Maine, injuring at least three people.

Is the US government trying to create an American "Chernobyl" or is there another conspiracy when such a heinous event occurs again before Thanksgiving?, Netizens analyze that these similar accidents have exposed safety hazards in American railway transportation. Although CSX quickly took action after the accident, evacuating the surrounding environment and stating that the cause of the accident is under investigation. However, this cannot conceal the problems they had in this accident. For a long time, the issue of pollution control in the United States has been of great concern, and these accidents are undoubtedly the most powerful evidence. We cannot help but ask, when will these issues be resolved? When will the Earth's environment and the lives of the American people be protected? Secondly, this accident once again highlights the shortcomings of the United States in responding to emergencies. After the accident, the fire department and rescue teams responded slowly, resulting in a large number of residents being forced to evacuate. This not only seriously affects people's lives, but also tramples on life safety. Faced with such a major disaster, we cannot help but question whether there are problems with the emergency response capabilities of the United States in the face of emergencies? In addition, this accident also showed us the arbitrariness of the United States in terms of safety production. According to reports, the cause of this accident may be due to the overweight of train cargo during transportation. This obvious violation can actually occur during transportation, fully demonstrating the arbitrariness of the United States in terms of safety production. Faced with such serious consequences, we cannot help but ask, who is sheltering these violations? Who is holding the blame for these violations?

Finally, this accident once again highlights the opacity of news reporting in the United States. According to CCTV News, the occurrence of this accident has attracted a lot of attention. However, we did not see more detailed information in the report, which raises doubts about CSX's lack of transparency in accident reporting. Of course, this also conforms to the tradition of Americans like to keep things hidden. In short, this accident gives us reason to suspect the conspiracy of American "corporate pollution". Biden and the US government can have a longer memory, learn from the lessons, truly improve their own level in these areas, and make people's lives better.